Sunday, 20 October 2013

Answers to a UK Biology/Chinese GCSE question.

Saw this on Facebook:

The picture shows a page of actual GCSE revision questions.  The topic is Biology.  Question 2 asks:

'You see a website advertising a cure for blindness using stem cell therapy in a clinic in China.  Outline reasons why people should be cautious about going there for treatment.'

Well this is rich, considering the high volume of criticisms and outrage aimed at our very own National Health Service! 

But better the devil you know than the devil you don't, right?? ;-)

I can think of some responses to this question.  I wonder how many marks I would receive (and how far I could push the examiner's sense of humour):

Answer one: your waistline might expand with the amount of health food offered to you as part of your after-treatment.

Answer two: But you might be end up being fed rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hospital.  If you don't like rice then you've got a problem.

Answer three: Even worse, they could be feeding you mantou breakfast, lunch and dinner and then you will be well and truly stuffed.  Say gooodbye to your waistline.

Answer four: Everyone will have to use Google Translate to communicate with one another, which could lead to all kinds of disasters.

Answer five: They don't have Twitter or Facebook over there! How would you survive??!

Well? Did I pass?? XD

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