Saturday, 13 October 2012

Chocolate Week in the UK - an interesting observation!

Apparently here it is Chocolate Week this week in the UK (8th-14th October) - HOW in the WORLD do I not know this???????

Anyway, a friend of mine shared this interesting tongue-in-cheek report from Columbia University - that chocolate consumption could improve intellect, not only in individuals, but in whole populations as well.  Therefore, could there be a link between eating chocolate and the number of Nobel Laureates per capita?

Here's what they found:

Well, according to the graph the Swiss are doing quite well - not surprising, since they produce the best chocolate in the world...

What is Belgium doing in the middle?? Belgium chocolate (those little seashell ones) is good!

And, I'm sorry, I have tried chocolate from the U.S. - apart from Reese's the rest is awful...

U.K. aren't doing too badly - although without Kraft's takeover of Cadbury it Gouda been better - Kraft - cheese - Gouda? Get it??

But wait! Is that China we see? Way down the bottom???

If an important-enough person has seen this, massive amounts of Swiss chocolate will be making its way East.

Meaning that there might be a price rise...

And maybe even rationing!


Time to raid the stores!


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