Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Doctored photo draws international attention and amusement!

 Somewhere in South West China three officials are inspecting a road - or are coming out of the road - or are floating above the road - it depends on how you look at it really! This terribly altered photograph of these three men supposedly inspecting a new road in Sichuan province is now a global sensation.  It is already being nominated as one of the worst doctored images in history, so-much-so that jokers are already trying their hands at placing the three men in other important places!

The new intergalactic highway is finished at last! A bit dusty though...

 With a little drainage a road could be built here.

Get up! We've got planning permission you know! 

This road is not complete! AND its got a huge bump in it!! This is a total disaster!!!

Traffic-slowing measures are of a huge importance to public safety.  Let us inspect closely...

But with all this great artistry what I really want to know is - what is the original photograph where these three guys were taken and added into the road? Anybody know this??
I am sure that the truth will be stranger than the fiction!

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